Imprint the BlueprintMature


Denise smiled as Scott led her into VIP room. Scott licked his lips as he closed the door. She walked to the balcony.  

"So what brings you here to the Boston area?"

"Business." Denise sensed that Scott may like her. She looked around as she realized what might happened. She look down to a few missed calls from John. Other people in this section, were kissing and fonding their partners.

Scott finished, "are you enjoying the single life?"

Denise agreed, "yes, I am."

Scott smiled as he placed his hands around her waist, "damn, you work out too?"

Denise started to get uncomfortable,  but didn't want to cause a scene, "and how is your girlfriend,  Annie?"

"Ha! John told you about Annie."

"Yeah, she wouldn't like what you're doing. Maybe you should back up."

Scott pressed his crouch on her bottom, "eh, she knows what type of lifestyle I have. Its business. So you still be with white guys?"

John looked around for Denise and called her again. He turned to Boug, "I lost Denise and she doesn't know I'm here. Scott was on her all night. He is going to try to smash her."

Studio by Trey Songz played as a woman started to dance with John. He couldn't focus her as he looked around. 

Denise could feel his imprint against her. The rush felt good for her but she remain focus, "Scott, you think you can handle a woman from Philly?"

Her back remain infront of him. She stared at the Dj.  His hands climbed up her waist and aligned parallel to her hands. She looked down as she was trying to figure out an exit plan without causing a scene.

Scott smiled as he breathed on her neck, "I can handle all of this."

Denise took a heavy gulp and looked down, "John?"

John looked up, "Denise?"

Denise smiled as John looked at Scott. John walked towards the balcony and Denise broke away from him.

The End

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