All EyezMature

Denise slid on a burgundy bandage crop top. She slid a cream v shaped high-waisted skirt. She scrunched her hair and put it in a high right pony tail. 

Million by Tink played as she lined a heavy layer of burgundy lipstick against her lips. She parted her bangs in front of her right eye. She curled the tips of her bangs to lay against her right eye. She glanced at the phone: it read 10:32pm. She turned on the air conditioner.  She locked up and walked towards her car. The receptionist complimented her outfit especially her five inch floral burgundy pumps.

She drove through the area of Boston and approached Scott's party. She looked down at her pending text message. John hasn't replied to her in three hours. 

She stood in line alone. She stared into the sky as men walked by her and complimented her.  She politely ignored them as she waited patiently. 

"Hello beautiful,  it will be free for you." The bouncer said.

Denise smirked, "thank you."

The club blazed with high colors and sexy decor. Denise stood at the lobby and looked around. She took slow strides as All Eyes on You by Meek Mill, Nicki Minaj and Chris Brown played. She knew she was beautiful,  but was humble enough to smile.

She looked down at her phone as she felt eyes of envious women and hungry men. 

"Excuse me?" He said.

Denise turned to him and smiled, "Darren?"

Darren smiled, "you remembered my name? What am honor!"

Denise chuckled,  "couldn't forget someone so cute." She smiled.

Darren point to the dance floor, "well I thought you were beautiful when I saw you before, but girl, you are working it, tonight.  You are gorgeous. "

Denise laughed and thanked him. He led her to the dance floor and they started to dance. Scott smiled as he watched Denise dance on Darren. Scott watched as all eyes were on Denise and Darren.

He made his way down to take the attention from Darren. Can't Leave 'em alone by Ciara played as Scott grabbed Denise's hand away from Darren. The Dj announced Scott in the center dancing with Ms. Burgundy.  Denise laughed out loud as Scott spun her.

The majority of the crowd watched Scott and Denise dance in the middle of the dance floor. John and Boug walked into the club. They cheered them both on

Boug chuckled, "look at Scott dancing with that beautiful bitch."

John punched Boug, "that bitch is Denise. Chill."

Boug looked closely, "oh shit, that is Denise. Sorry bro." Boug hesitated and then finished, "Wait, so you have to pretend like you don't know her?"

John rubbed his head as he checked her out, "why she gotta look good as shit. Damn! I have to pretend that she is not mine This sucks man."

The End

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