Right Time NowMature

7pm, Saturday Night:

John talked with his family as his dad fell asleep.  John led his family outside of the room.

Matt smiled, "bro, cancel your hotel room, you can stay with me and my family."

John chuckled,  "it's cool, I already paid for this weekend."

Steve hugged John, "okay brothers, I will catch up with you guys tomorrow.  John, if you need anything, just send me a text."

John agreed as he looked at his phone, he smiled as looked over her pictures. Carol snuck up behind him.

"Is there something you're not telling me?"

John jumped, "Mom! Chill, you scared me."

Her facial expression didn't move. She repeated herself.

John nervously responded, "you guys are going through a lot and do not need to be bother with my personal issues. So I'll tell when it's the right time,"

"It's the right time now." She insisted.

"Mom, don't worry, please." John said as he kissed her cheek.

"Um, you need to tell me before you leave for Philly."

"Um, let's just focus on pops."

John walked away from her and called Tammy. Tammy didn't pick up so he called his office.

Naomi: Thank you for calling John's Jym located in Center City, Philadelphia.  My name is Naomi, may I schedule you an appointment with a premium personal trainer?

John smiles: nice greeting. Wow, that was a mouthful.

Naomi: (chuckles) yes it's a lot, but it makes you feel welcomed.

John: hey Naomi, I am John, the owner.

Naomi: oh hello Mr. Beamer. I can't wait to meet you. I hear some great things about you.

John: I look forward to meeting to you too. Can you patch me to Tammy, please?

Naomi: I hate to inform you, but Tammy no longer works for the gym.

John: what? Can you patch me over to Nikki?

Naomi: yes.

John paced the room as he waited for Nikki to pick up.

Nikki: Thank you for calling John's Jym,  this is the Senior Manager Nikki speaking, how can I solve your problem? 

John: hey babe

Nikki: hey baby! John is this you?

Nikki pushed the guy off of her. He fell onto the floor.

"Nikki, what the?" Langston groaned.

John: you fired Tammy?

The End

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