Asian PersuasionMature

Tammy took a run around University of Pennsylvania.  Philadelphia was beautiful on this Saturday.  The cool breeze smashed with the humid weather.  Tammy ran to Janet Jackson's No Sleeep featuring J Cole. 

That section of Philly was slammed with busy and productive students of University of Pennsylvania.  She slowed down as the private investigator texted her some information.  

Tammy opened her google account as she stood by a traffic light. She accessed her gmail account and tried to open the document,  but her phone didn't support the document.

"Hey beautiful!" Alicia walked up behind her.

Tammy turned around and kissed her girlfriend. 

Tammy smiled, "hey gorgeous. I just got a notification from the private investigator.  It's urgent, but I may need a computer to open it."

Alicia pouted, "I know that facial expression. No! I have reservations at the POD for dinner. You have been so obsessed with the gym project, it's not your business anymore."

Tammy rubbed her back, "I put a lot of hard work in that gym, and it's still my business.  When John gets back, he is going to reinstate me! And I'm not going to make you cancel reservations,  let's go."

Alicia grabbed her hand and they walked across the street. They enter POD,  a futuristic decor restaurant that focuses on asian fare and sushi.

Alicia ordered the duck while Tammy ordered the tempura shrimp.

Alicia continued,  "John would have reinstate you by now."

Tammy cringed, "it's been two days, foxy. Two days. And plus, I think he'll be back tomorrow cause Denise sounded confused when I said he might be up there an extended amount of time."

Alicia rubbed her hands, "let's concentrate on the food and stop talking about this."

Tammy took a deep breath and agreed.

The End

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