Verdi ApologyMature

John came back into patient room 215 with his family. 

John smiled, "hey guys, I gotta go for little bit."

Carol whispered, "where are you going? This is a family moment."

John smiled, "dad has sustained,  so I'm going to take a few moments to myself."

Carol continued,  "you can do that later, this is about your dad, let's not be selfish."

John lied again, "it shouldn't be long, I have to check in with my businesses. "

Carol said, "Nikki has it. Enjoy this family time."

John smiled, "okay mom." He sent Denise a text prolonging her visit.

Carol's telephone rang as John Sr., shared an family experience.  

Carol: Hello? Oh hey Verdi. Yes, John Sr., is doing much better.

John perked up as his mind started to race. 

Carol: What happened? You want to apologize to John about someone who they accused of stealing their card. Which John? John Sr., or my son John.

John stood up and tried to focus on his dad's story but couldn't let Carol find out about Denise. 

Carol: oh Verdi it's okay. Please calm down. It sounds like a simple mistake. Please stop apologizing.  Of course, I'll relay the message to John.

Carol shot John an suspicious stare. John walked over to her.

Carol: who had his card?

The doctor walked in and John snatched the phone from Carol. Carol looked at him with irritation and John quickly left the room.

John: hey Verdi. Yeah, I am going to talk to her now. She is really upset. 

John looked in the patient room to see Carol irritated and walking towards the door.

John: Verdi, You don't have to do that. I'll pay for it, and I won't tell her. By the way, can you NOT tell my mom, who Denise is?

Carol opened the door,  "why would you snatched that from me."

John lied, "I didn't want you to get in trouble with the doctor. Like you got in trouble last time."

Carol glared, "give me the phone."

John: Everything is straightened up, Verdi. Thank you for calling. 

John hung up, and deleted the contact from her phone.  Carol pointed at the door.

"Go back! Give me my phone."

The End

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