Wholesome Family TimesMature

Twenty Foreplay by Janet Jackson captured the moment as John's dad woke up for a few minutes. He looked around to see his family around him. He smiled and coughed loudly.

John opened his eyes first and announced,  "dad is awake."

Steve and Boug smiled as they walked up to him. His mom turned to the side of her hospital bed and cheered.

John started, "hey dad."

John Sr., hoarsely whispered,  "I love you guys."

The doctor walked in and grabbed his charts, "Good Afternoon John." (Referencing his dad.) "How are you feeling? You look much better."

John Sr., grabbed the orange juice next to him and took a sip. "I am feeling sore but I am alive. I am fine."

The doctor smiled, "we are going to hold you for a few more days and monitor you."

John Sr., thanked him as he left the room. He started to have a conversation with his family. They laughed and reminisced about positive family memories.  They also contact Dan, just in case, he doesn't have to come, now that their dad has sustained. John excused himself to call Denise after the credit card incident.

John: hello?

Denise: yes? How is your dad?

John: my dad is recovering.  Are you okay?

Denise: I am embarassed.

John: come pick me up and I'll go buy those items.

Denise: it's not about that, I have my own money, they wouldn't let me use.

John: I understand.  Can you come by the hospital? I want to see you.

Denise: Yeah, whatever you want. I am so happy for the good news about your dad.

John: I am too.

The End

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