Friends & Family DiscountMature

Denise walked into the fitting room with five items and started to change. Taylor Swift's Blank Space played throughout the store. 

Denise smiled as Eve was calling:

Eve: I miss you so much!

Denise: where have you been?

Denise continued to try on clothes and talk to Eve. She discussed Roman, John and Tammy while Eve vented about her family meeting Dan, the country life and returning to Philly. Denise walked out of the fitting room and went to register.

She politely greeted the cashier and waited to be rung up. 

The cashier replied as Denise finished her conversation, "okay, your total today will be $212.51."

Denise smiled as passed her John's credit card and finished talking to Eve. The cashier looked at the card and asked her for Identification. 

Denise paused and looked at the cashier, "I beg your pardon?"

The cashier looked at Denise up and down and repeated, "ID please?"

Denise replied, "oh that is my friend's card. I'll take it back, and pay with my own."

The cashier smiled, "I know the Beamer family very well, did you steal this card? As she held up a pair of scissors to the card.

Denise flinched, "excuse me? Did you just asked if I stole this card? May I speak to your manager?"


"Please, get your manager.  I cannot believe you had the audacity to even ask me that."

"Well I know the Beamer family, very well."

"I do too."

The cashier's manager walked up as Denise put Eve on speaker phone.

"Excuse me, what is going on? I am Verdi, the general manager."

Denise smiled, "your associate just accused me of stealing this card. I just want to pay for my items and leave your store. I am already embrassed and appalled. "

"We are sorry for this inconvenience. " He turned to the associate and scolded her. He finished, "Miss, can you possibly call John, for his protection to confirm this purchase, we are friends of the family."

She called John and he picked up: "hey Denise,  what's up."

"JOHN, I am upset, because they think I stole your credit card and threatening to cut it up. Please talk to manager so that I can leave."

She passed her phone to the manager and he had a conversation with John.

Verdi sincerely apologized to Denise as she was completely embarrassed. 

Denise replied, "I understand protection for the cardholder, but you still wouldn't let me purchased this order through my own card is horrible.  Keep everything, I am disgusted by you, your staff and this establishment. Give me back my phone." 

Denise stormed out.

The End

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