Malicious IntentMature

Nikki rolled over and laid on his chest. Hello by Beyonce played against the morning light. The tangerine orange and brown sheets soaked in the sun light as the twosome woke up,

"Good Morning baby." He whispered as Nikki groaned.

"Good Morning." Nikki focused her eyes.

Her dreams were full of guilt and compromise. 

She focused onto the man that wasn't John. She shunned her face as guilt started to take over her facial expression. 

He ran his fingers through her hair, "official,  we have new staff for the two new locations. What else can we do to make sure this takeover is complete before John is aware of what's going on?"

Nikki looked up to him, "do you think I am being malicious? I'm just..."

He replied, "no, not at all. You are a business woman and John is dumb as shit. Who makes those kind of decisions with a woman that has always been a hustler. He met you like this! Did he think you would change because you were his? It doesn't work like that."

Nikki turned to him, "so you don't trust me?"

He smirked, "I do, but then I don't. You are a hustler and will make sure you are financially stable."

Nikki smiled at him, "thanks Langston.  I needed this pep talk. John's dad going through this couldn't come at a better time. John is going to come back to absolute misery when he returns."

Langston smiled,  "by the way, can you dump Cj. He is getting irritating. Doesn't he know Denise?"

Nikki rolled on top of Langston, "Denise hates Cj. Thank you for this talk, I started to doubt my reasons for this. But John present me the opportunity,  and I gotta take it!"

Langston smiled, "no problem babe and next time, we sleep at my house. I'm not a fan of fucking on your boyfriend's bed in his ugly ass apartment. Nice location though."

They laughed.

The End

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