Singles OutMature

Denise and John laughed and joked around as Denise drove back to hotel.

Raven Symone's That Girl played throughout the car.

John turned to her, "did you ever talk to Tammy?"

Denise make a stange face, "oh snap, I forgot to tell you."

John smiled, "why do you look like that?"

"Because, you're not going like what Tammy reported to me!"

"Is it that bad?! Don't tell me. Let me handle my dad first."

"Okay, but I agree. This is going to consume a lot of energy with you and your girlfriend."

"Wait, Nikki is envolved?"


"Denise, tell me."

"Tammy, no longer works for you."

"What?!? No!! Why?! What the fuck?"

Denise pulled into the hospital parking lot and parked in the last slot. 

John took a deep breath as Denise watched him, "I'll call her today. I'm going to go check in with my dad. What are you doing today? "

"I am going to go shopping and might to the beach, since I don't want to be stuck in a hotel room dishing out emails all day. I want to enjoy my Saturday."

"As you should, damn I would love to see you in a bathing suit."

"Bye John." She waved as John walked towards the hospital. 

John turned to her as she was about to drive off, "btw, if my dad is cool, we are going to Scott's party tonight. I saw that flyer. I gotta see my boy, so get a new outfit too. Here's my credit card."

Denise smiled, "thanks, I don't even know if I was going to go. But all your friends are under the impression that I am single and ready to mingle. So I guess we will drive there together but enter and leave separate times! Ha!"

"Sounds like an interesting night, I'm down."

The End

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