Mapled LipsMature

John woke up around 7am. He called Denise and ask her to come by the hospital.  He kissed his sleeping parents on their forehead and went to wash his face.

Denise pulled up at 7:45am and gave him a new set of clothes. He got into the car and she took him to a restaurant.  John started to share memories of his dad as Denise flew through the streets of Boston. She listened to his every word as his sadness laid on every syllable.  

At Your Best by Aaliyah played as Denise ordered their food to go. She picked it up as John sat dormant in the car. They sat in the car and ate.

Denise rubbed his hands as John softly cried.

"I can't lose my dad. He is my heart." John uttered.

Denise rubbed his cheek, "baby, calm down. Positive thoughts. Positive thoughts."

"Thank you for being here." He kissed her with a piece of pancake in his mouth.

She giggled as the maple syrup connected their lips.

Denise laughed, "ewww! Finish your food before you touch these lips."

John laughed, "I love you so much."

They sat in silence and continue to eat.

Moments later,  Denise grabbed all the empty cartons and took it out to the trash. She returned to the car and walked into a passionate kiss from John.  She shut her eyes and felt his lukewarm tears. She rested her palms against his chest.  She felt his hard nipples through his royal purple v neck t-shirt. 

He released from the kiss: "By the way, I am 1000th percent that I am definite that you will be my wife." The confidence illuminated from his body.

Denise softly kissed his lips, "you are definite. No backsies."

John chuckled, "No backsies."

The End

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