Later that night:


Denise just finished her last email and she looked down at her phone. She opened it and read a text message from her little cousin Demetreus. 

Demetreus (11:14pm): I just told my parents, I was gay. Its out Dee! No More Skeletons in my closet!!

Denise smiled as she knew he was dealing with this for 27 years of his life. She joyously responded: Congrats cous. I am so happy that you can live freely with or without your parents permission.

Demetreus (11:15pm): Thank you so much. I'll tell you more when I see you. I'll be in Philly next week.

Denise tossed down her phone on the bed. Put That On Everything by Brandy played on Music Choice.

"I love Brandy." She said to herself as the joy covered her face. She was happy for her cousin. She walked into the bathroom and brushed her teeth. She prepared to go to bed. As she was wrapping her hair, she realized that she forgot to call Tammy.

Denise dialed the number that John sent her.

Tammy: hello?

Denise: I apologized for it being late, but may I speak to Tammy.

Tammy: This is she?

Denise: Hi Tammy, this is Denise, I'm John's ex girlfriend. 

Tammy: oh hi?

Denise: I am calling on behalf of John, who is still with his dad.

Tammy: oh, you guys are together?

Denise: Um, yeah, together in the same area.

Tammy: are you guys getting back together? I hope so, cause he needs you. Like he needs you!!

Denise: uh, he is dating Nikki. But what is going on, so I can relay it back to him.

Tammy: Nikki fired me today, with two other trainers. With John possibly staying up there for little longer, Nikki is making a lot of executive decisions without him. He needs to come back!

The End

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