Nemo's PillowMature

Denise brought her food back to the hotel room. She opened her laptop and turned on the hotel's cable. 

She had 62 pending emails and started to answer them all. With Golden Girls on Logo playing in the background,  she started to complete her paperwork.

30 minutes later:

She texted John to check in on him.

John (11:52pm): my dad had a heart attack.

Denise's eyes got wide as she turned down her music. Brandy's How I Feel was playing.  She picked up the phone and called him. 

John: hey baby. He's stable.

Denise smiled: Good. Are you okay?

John: My mom had an anxiety attack, so she's in the next room. I'm going to stay with my dad for the night.

Denise: wow, is she going to be okay? And good, both your parents need you. 

John: yeah, my mom is dramatic. She needed some attention too. But this was very scary. Life is too short for foolishness.

Denise: agreed! Take care of yourself. I'm just doing paperwork at the hotel room.

John: babe, can you do one thing for me? Can you call Tammy, she called me six times. That's not like her.

Denise: yep. Just text me if you need me.

John hung up with Denise and Lisa walked up to John.

"John, here's a pillow, the doctor said you can sleep in dad's room."

John took the Finding Nemo decorated pillow from her, "thanks Lisa."

Lisa smiled, "were you just talking with Denise?"

John questioned, "why do you say that?"

Lisa smiled as she hugged him, "you always have this glow when you talk to or about Denise. That's the love that I aspire for and plus Boug told me. He won't tell anyone else. I promise."

John hugged her back, "I am going to kill Boug and yes I think I love Denise. Even now, she's been amazing through this. Nikki hasn't even checked in on me."

The End

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