Leading The WayMature

Back in Boston:

John sat by his dad's bed as his mom walked in. I'll Be by Reba McEntire played in the background. 

"Hi baby." Carol whispered.

John leaned off his dad's bed, "dad just went back to sleep. I've missed him." 

"He has missed you too but he is so proud of you."


"You moved away, and started your own businesses. You have a beautiful girlfriend and she treats you well."

John sighed, "yeah, I guess."

Carol hugged him, "we are so proud of you.  You are leading the family name!"

John smiled as he finished the hug and left her. He walked to the receptionist desk and saw his brothers.

"Hey J!" Steve and Matt walked up to him.

John hugged them and caught up with them. On the other side of town, Denise mystery tested/shopped a Starbucks, to make sure they were following proper guidelines. 

She sat down to write down her scores, when a familar face walked up.

"Hello beautiful."

Denise turned to lock eyes with Scott.

"Scott?" Denise smiled as she gave him a hug.

Scott turned to his friend, "these are my friends, Brock and Darren."

She shook their hands, as Scott finished,  "what brings you all the way up here from Philly and single if I might add."

Denise smiled, "I am up here on business. Good to see some familiar faces."

Darren smirked, "you are beautiful. Nice to meet you." Darren was Interracial gentleman dressed in a navy blue suit and white tie.

Brock chuckled, "yes you are." Brock was a sporting a lime green polo shirt with dress slacks. He was a muscular Caucasian man.

Scott finished, "this is Johnathan Beamer's ex girl. "

They all said in unison, "OHHHHH!"

Denise chuckled,  "hopefully that was a good reaction."

Darren finished, "oh it was. Listen, Scott is throwing a party tomorrow night, you should come with me."

Brock intervened, "I am a little more attractive than he is, so you know I'll be there."

Denise humbly giggled, "hmm, where will it be?"

Scott gave her a flyer,  "I am sorry for my friends. Ya'll need work. Will we see you tomorrow?"

Denise chuckled, "maybe." As she walked away from them.

The End

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