Exit PlanMature

Back in Philadelphia:

Tammy finished her morning routine as she opened John's office. She watered his plants and opened his windows. She missed John and his leadership. The glanced at the dark clouds forming around the city's buildings.

Nikki opened the office door and startled Tammy.

Nikki smirked, "what are you doing?"

Tammy poured more water, "clearly, I am watering Mr. Beamer's plants."

"No need for attitude." Nikki responded. 

"I am sorry for being sarcastic."

"Thank you for apologizing,  I am equally your boss as John is. So respect please, or you will not have a job."

"Excuse me?"

Nikki walked closer to her, "respect me, or leave."

"That is not how you talk to me, or any employee."

"I just spoke to you like that, now back to your desk, I'm fully in charge."


"Ha! I guess you'll find out about that later."

Tammy stormed out of John's office and walked to her desk. She texted her girlfriend. Her girlfriend tried to calm her down but created another argument with her. Clients started to come in as Nikki overseed Tammy.

She continued make her feel uncomfortable all day. Nikki double checked all her reports, new membership forms, daily expense forms and payroll. 

During lunch, Tammy stepped outside. She felt so uncomfortable.  A beautiful black woman walked up to her,  "Tammy, are you okay?"

Tammy wiped her face as she met eyes with a beautiful woman that had concern written all on her face.

Tammy smiled, "you are one of the regular customers here? Jasmin, Desiree..."

She smiled, "Trinity, but as a nickname,  everyone calls me Naomi."

"Both of them are beautiful."

"Thank you. But are you okay? I have never seen you this upset."

"We have newer managerment."

"Oh yes, I met her. I have an interview for a position here."

"What position?"

"Senior Officer Manager."

"That's my position!?!" Tammy screeched as Naomi tried to calm her down.  

Tammy responded,  "that bitch!!! Excuse me Naomi, I am about to have a serious moment. I AM CALLING JOHN!!

The End

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