South ShoreMature

Always on my mind by Brandy played as Denise pulled out of  the hotel's parking lot.  She did a quick check in as John was still sleep in the car. She didn't want to lose the reservation,  so she took 20 minutes out to check them in and place their bags inside.

Denise turned the corner and continue to drive. 

Denise sung in unison as she pulled into the parking lot of the hospital. 

"No matter how far, no matter how wide, I just wanna hold you and make you mine. "

She parked the car and the warm breeze rub against his car. 

"John, wake up, we are here."

John groaned as he came to, "wow I slept hard."

Denise chuckled,  "as soon as I blasted the air, you were rocked."

"Was I?"

Denise smiled and pointed to the building,  "we are here."

"South Shore Hospital,  this is where my brother was born at. My dad is in there."

"Take a deep breath."

John sharply inhaled as he wiped his face. He got out of the car.

He started walking towards the doors and looked back at Denise sitting in the car.

"Denise?" He signaled her to come with him.

Denise drove up next to him, "um, let's not do this again. Let's keep me a surprise, just text me when you want me to pick you up, cause I'm off to the hotel room."

John shook his head in disappointment as he leaned down to kiss her. Boug smiled as he ran up to John.

He hugged him and look beside him, "heyyy Nikki?"

Denise shunned her face as John tried to change the subject. A confused Boug responded:

"Denise!? Hello beautiful?!"

Denise smiled, "um John?! Hey Boug, nice seeing you."

John hugged him tighter and Denise drove out of the parking?"

Boug smirked, "so what's the goods big bro?"

John grabbed his neck, "this is a secret, don't tell anyone."

The End

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