Pure PleasureMature

Back in Philadelphia around the same time John and Denise are traveling to Boston.

Trey Songz, In the Middle played throughout John's apartment. She laid on her back as he pressed all of himself in her. She dug her nails into his back as he continue to stroke. His back muscles moved to the music as she yelled. 

"What's my fucking name?" His raspy voice commanded in power as she moan in pure pleasure.

His solider was about a footlong as she endured the biggest, she has ever encountered. Nikki took a deep breath as he flipped her on stomach. He started to drill her.

"Bitch, say that shit." He commanded. Nikki began to soak John's bed but she could barely control her emotions. The pleasure was everything she needed it to be. Her eyes rolled to the back of head as she couldn't help not to draw blood. He felt a rush as she dug her nails in deeper.

He commanded again, "do you like it?"

He slammed another thrust in her and she felt her third orgasm coming,  she yelled, "yes Cj!!!"

Cj smiled, "yeah I know this dick is amazing."

Nikki laid down as he laid next to her.

"That was amazing, Cj."

"I'm going to take a shower, but this time tomorrow?"

The telephone rang and Nikki ignored it. A few minutes later, the telephone rang again and Nikki slapped it away from her. Cj walked out of the shower and got in between her legs. She began to moan and enjoy his tongue movements.

Nikki's personal cell phone rang next. Nikki grabbed it to find a text from Tammy. She ignored it and went back to her night.

The End

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