Ashton Martin Music by Rick Ross played throughout their rented Mazda as John crossed onto Hutchinson River Parkway by the Bronx. 

John laughed out loud as Denise finished telling her story.

"Can you believe that?" She giggled.

John wiped his tears from his face, "that was the funniest thing I heard all week."

Denise pointed at a rest stop, "all this laughter, and now I gotta pee."

John pulled into the gas station and watched her run inside. He looked at his phone and realized he had missed calls from Lisa.

He called her.

Lisa: hello?!

John: hey, what's going on?

Lisa: where are you? You were supposed to be here yesterday? 

John: mixed communication with the rental company

Lisa: dad is sick. You need to be here.

John: I'm only 3 hours away.

Lisa: okay, Dan is flying from North Carolina, cause Dad went into critical.

John: critical?!

Lisa: just get here.

John hung up and focus on getting his emotions. Denise got back into the car as Pieces by Tamar Braxton played. 

Denise gave him a water, "what's wrong?"

John put his head down, "my dad just went into critical condition."

Denise quickly hugged him, "let's pray, God will do what is best."

John started to tear up as Denise held him.

Denise finished,  "let's switch, I'll drive and you just relax." 

They switch seats and Denise took off. John reminisced about memories as Denise picked up the pace to arrive near Boston. Denise kept him focus on positive memories. His brothers text messages started to flood in as they arrived. 

John looked down as Boug was calling.

Boug: hello?

John: I am almost there

Boug: okay, how far?

John: 45 minutes

Boug: good, mom is asking for you. Dan won't be here till tomorrow.

John: I'll be there. How does he look?

Boug: our dad is strong.

The End

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