Naive LoveMature

2 hours later:

Denise kissed Roman on his lips as she lead Drexel and Titus to their car. Roman kissed Denise again from his front seat of his dodge charger.  

"Baby, I love you, text me during your trip." Roman smiled.

Titus got into the driver's seat of his car while Drexel hugged Denise.

Drexel smiled, "you're going on a trip?"

Denise lied, "yeah, I am visiting other districts, so first one is Pittsburgh,  Pennsylvania and the other is somewhere in Newark,  New Jersey."

Drexel smiled, "yesss girl! About that business! Well tell me about it when you get back and thank you for our talk. You are one of my best friends and I don't want to fuck that up. And I am sorry for stepping on John's toes. But you are with Roman and he treats you well."

Denise hugged Drexel and waved goodbye. Both set of cars drove off of her driveway and went their selected paths. Denise quickly ran into her house and locked her door. She grabbed her phone. No Clothes On by Trey Songz played in her living room.

She ran into her bedroom and started to pack her clothes. She threw her basic necessities like deodorant, toothpaste, feminine products and shower gels in her bag. She tossed three of her favorite shoes in her suitcase as she text John. 

John (12:13pm): Nice performance for Drexel.

Denise (12:14pm): ha! You pulled it together. I hate to lie to her, but she ain't ready.

John (12:22pm): I rented the rental car, Mazda 6, 2016. This car is fast. Take your time. I'll pick you up at 1.

Denise took a deep breath as her excitement got the best of her. She started to tidy up her house and her bedroom. 

Roman (12:45pm): John does make you light up. He makes you even more beautiful. 

Denise reread that text over and over. She replied to Roman.

Denise (12:55pm): Am I lovestruck to think his parents will accept me the second time around?  Am I being naive? Am I looking at the right thing?

Roman (12:57pm): I think that is John's battle and he'll do a much better of protecting you this time around. I got a chance to talk to him after you went to the bathroom. He truly loves you the way that I love my Galina. Keep your heart protected, but his parents are not your battle. You guys lost the battle with his parents because he wasn't strong enough. Nikki has played the part of strengthening the love between you both.

John pulled up into her driveway and she rolled her suitcase to her front door. She unplugged all her electronics except one light that she left on. She reread Roman's text as she slid on a pair of jeans and put her hair in a ponytail.

John opened her front door, "Denise, you ready?"

The End

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