Denise slid her patio door open and walked out. She gently closed it back. A couple of forevers by Chrisette Michelle played from her living room.

"Why do you look like that?" Denise questioned.

"Are you sure?" John muttered.

"Sure about what?" Denise answered. 

"Me? Are we moving too fast? I can't afford to repeat mistakes."

"What are you jambling about? You can't afford to what?"

He sighed out loud, "Drexel, might be right?"

"What did she say?"

"She was just protecting you. I don't want to repeat my mistake, are you sure?"

She walked over to John and looked up to him. He leaned down and hovered over her lips. Her emotions were captivated by his smile. She felt the presence of his lips and the urge to kiss them. She quickly pushed away.

She uttered, "John, you were the one that needed to change. I got all my uneccessary tension out a few months ago. So this advice is solely on you."

Denise whispered as she took a step back, as John finished, "I just don't want to rush into this."

Denise finished, "take your time."

John rubbed his shoulder, "are you mad?"

Denise chuckled,  "I want you to be sure. Definite."

She walked to the edge of her patio as he stood in the center. The warm sunlight sliced the tightly rainny oxygen with humidity. She took a deep breath. Drexel opened the patio door and walked out. She lit her blunt again. 

"Did I walk into something?"

Denise smiled, "you started this... but he will finish this." She stood up and walked towards the door. John watched her hips sway away from him.

John blurted out, "definite. Hands down. No more doubt."

Denise facing the door, "I do not believe you. Too much hesitation.  Enjoy Nikki and I'll enjoy Roman."

He whispered to himself, "I'm a damn idiot."

Drexel smiled, "I didn't even need to give you that pep talk earlier, looks like Denise has it under control. Stop rushing, just let it flow."

Drexel put her blunt out and walked back inside.

The End

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