A Friend's DutyMature

John excused himself from the table after eating breakfast.  He took his smoothie with him, as he slipped outside through the front door. He skipped around the puddles, as you could still smell rain in the air.

"Hello?" He hoarsely said.

Nikki responded, "hey baby. Are you still driving to your parents?"

John walked behind Denise's condo and lied "oh babe, I am not there yet. I stopped at a hotel. I was way too tired last night."

"Yes, baby. I put it down last night before you left."

John smiled as he reminisce of Denise, "yeah, it was the best."

"Well, I wish I could made you breakfast. "

"I am okay with this hotel breakfast, it's not that bad." John lied again.

Drexel opened the back door as Trey Songz's Ashton Martin Music played in the background.  John didn't notice her as she started to smoke a blunt.

Nikki continued, "well send your parents my love. Have fun."

John smiled, "done and I will."

"Love you John."

"I love you too, Nikki." John hung up on her and looked down at his text messages.

Drexel startled him, "you fucking her and Denise?"

John quickly turned, "what?"

Drexel caressed the redwood patio deck and took another hit, "you heard me. Stop hurting her."

John put his phone away, and Drexel looked away. 

John walked up to the patio, "I..."

Drexel snapped, "You almost ruined her. You didn't pick up the pieces, her friends did.  You didn't rebuild her, her friends did. You don't love her, but her friends do. I REALLY  don't want to hear excuses or reasons. If you are going to venture to her heart again, don't fuck this shit up or I will personally make you acquainted with my fist."

John sat in silence. Drexel finished, "just meditate on that!" She put out her blunt and walked back into the house. 

John replayed Drexel's words as he looked at text messages from Tammy.

Tammy: hey, we officially won the case from that man shooting our window earlier this year. I'll monitor the payout. 

John stood up and looked into Denise's condominium. He watched Roman sway Denise.  They looked happy. He stood there in awe.

4 minutes later, Denise broke away from Roman and walked onto the patio.

The End

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