20 minutes later:

Denise refreshed her look as she returned to the kitchen. Drexel laughed out loud as John, Titus and Roman sat on the couches in her living room. Beyonce's XO played lightly in the background as Denise made breakfast.

She glanced over as John subtlety watch her moves. John looked at his phone to see missed text messages from Nikki and Tammy. He glanced at Denise and she smiled back.

Drexel turned to John, "so what do you think about it?"

John looked at her with confusion.

Drexel smiled, "you're not listening to me, are you?"

John rubbed his arm, "sorry Drex."

The guys laughed and she pouted. Denise asked Roman to help her set the plates. Roman grabbed goldenrod yellow and sea green plates with shinning silver smallwares and started to lay them down on her glass dinning room table. Roman started a separate conversation with Drexel.

John stood up and looked at her pictures, "Denise, do you like living out here?"

Denise finished pouring the orange juice into a glass pitcher, "Yeah, I miss my brownstone in Philly, but this is a nice single condo. I miss my high ceilings, strong brick pillars and hardwood floors in my living room."

Titus wrapped his hands around  Drexel, "when did you move?"

Denise slice oranges and put it by the mimosas and into the orange juice, "maybe two months ago? I'm fairly new to this place. But the surburbs are nice."

John walked over to her, "did you move to start the new position?"

Denise smiled, "yeah, I had nothing holding me back. (John sighed.) I took the position moved out here, and then the district manager Beth is stepping down. And she promoted me to replace her. It was a blessing and an amazing pay raise. I make my own schedule and I'm excited."

John smiled, "I am happy for you."

Denise placed a stack of waffles, pancakes, fruit, scrambled eggs and toast on the table. Roman grabbed both pitchers orange juice and water and put it on the table.

They all sat down and prayed over their food.

"Let's eat!"

The End

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