Denise walked over to John standing in her front doorway.

"Hi John." 

"Hey Denise, I know this is random but..." John lied.

Denise interrupted, "let's talk outside." 

Denise walked John to the driveway while Drexel and Titus watched from the window. 

Denise subtlety said, "how did you get out of my bedroom?"

John laughed, "I fell out. I went through the window."

Denise laughed and he finished, "it's not funny, that shit hurts."

Denise smiled, "so how are you going to get home?"

John finished, "I'm going to rent a car and drive up to see my parents. You are going with me, right?"

Denise agreed,  "yeah! I just got to get rid of Drexel and Titus."

John smiled, "you look beautiful. "

Denise bit her lip, "last night was magical, and I enjoyed every minute of it."

John bit his lip, "I love making love with you."

Denise rubbed her neck, "we gotta do that again, but as a couple."

Heard Em Say by Kanye West and Adam Levine blasted through his dodge charger as he pulled into Denise's driveway.

Roman smiled, as he got out of his car, "hey folks."

Denise walked up and kissed Roman. Roman wrapped his hands around her waist and John cringed.

Denise whispered in Roman's ears, "Drexel and Titus are watching us from my living room. How was your night with Galina?" 

Roman smiled, "thank you for helping me fix things with her. I owe you. I like having you as a friend better. But Galina and I are doing amazing."

Denise smiled, "I am happy, how long do we have to continue this charade?"

Roman finished, "I'll meet up with my family in two weeks. I will tell them then.  John looks jealous, do you still like him?"

Denise smiled, "I hope he is my one. But he is still with Nikki."

"I'll help you get rid of her!"

They both laughed as the released from the hug. Roman shook and greeted John.

Roman chuckled,  "why are you guys out in this heat? Let's go inside!"

John smiled as Denise smiled.  They all went back into the house.

John whispered to Denise, "this is not going to be easy, getting these folks out so we can start this road trip."

The End

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