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Denise put her laptop down on the kitchen counter and yelled, "coming!"

She cloroxed her kitchen counter island and grabbed her clothes from last night and threw them into her closet. She grabbed John's shirt and cloroxed the dinning room table. She took a few deep breaths as she turned the radio station. 

There's no going back played by sick puppies and she opened her front door.

"Hey!" Denise grinned.

Drexel and Titus greeted her as they tried to come in. 

"Sorry, my place is a little messy right now and I really just want to take a shower."

Drexel pushed her arm away from the door, "girl, you better move. I didn't drive all the way here for you to say no."

Denise scoffed as Titus walked in after. 

Drexel looked around,  "you didn't cook breakfast, and why does it smell like bleach. Today isn't Tuesday.  You only deep clean every Tuesday."

Denise stuttered, "I cooked raw chicken last night and needed to bleach."

Drexel opened the fridge, "um, where is it."

Denise walked over and slammed the fridge, "why are you asking all these questions. I made the chicken, I ate the damn chicken and don't look through the trash cause I already took it out. Damn!" She lied.

Drexel squinted her eyes, "why so touchy. Are you PMSing?"

Denise looked at Titus, "Omg! Drexel no!"

Drexel walked over  to her living room, "you usually have breakfast prepared, and you're usually dressed or at work by now."

Denise chuckled,  "I wanted to give myself a break from my stringent schedule on daily activities. 

Titus smiled, "baby, ease up on Denise here. Tell her why you are really mad."

The conversation lasted for an hour when outside the house, they all heard a thump.

Denise ignored it as Titus got up to check outside, "why would I ever be mad at you. Drexel, you are one of my best friends and my soror! We both have active relationships now, and..."

Drexel interrupted, "I know, but I was just getting jealous of Eve. Nothing she needs to know about. I just don't want to be the forgotten one, cause I don't dress up like you guys."

Titus sat back down, as someone knocked on the door.

Drexel and Denise hugged as Titus opened it.

"John?" Titus smirked. 

The End

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