Bronze GlowMature

Later that morning:

Tamar Braxton's If I don't have you played off of her phone.  Her phone was blinking red as the battery needed to be recharged. She rolled over in her bed and rushed into the bathroom.

She quickly washed her face and brushed her teeth. She glanced back at John still asleep, and smiled. She fluffed up her hair and dried off her face.

Denise crept back in bed and slid his arm around her. She pretended to be sleep. John woke up after shortly after.

He wiped his face and smiled as he realized he was holding Denise. 

"Wow, she is even more beautiful in the morning." He whispered. He sat up and stretched. He removed himself and started to run water for a shower.

He walked back into her bedroom, "well good morning."

Her morning glow illuminated caramelly bronze against her skin. Joy was embedded in her smile. She stood up, exposing her curvy hips, "Good Morning, Mr. Beamer. "

"GOOD morning,  beautiful." John smirked as she got into his shower.

Denise smiled, "can you help me get clean?"

John grinned, "damn, sure!"

They spent 45 minutes in the shower. Denise dried off and slid on her underwear.  She plugged her phone in the wall and turned on the radio, Lights by Ellie Goulding played.

Denise started to get dressed as she opened her work laptop. 

"Ugh! I have 71 pending emails." 

John put on a pair of jeans when the door bell rang. They both looked at each other. She rushed over to her cell phone. 

"Drexel and Titus are at the door. They just texted me. Um, stay here. Mind you, everyone still thinks I am engaged to Roman."

"You aren't though."

"No, not anymore, but we were only engaged for less than three months. I have an agreement with Roman that I don't want to break."

"But you are now engaged to me too."

"Baby, I'm not arguing with you. I just have to fill my arrangements with Roman first." She said as she put a shirt on.

"Baby, why are you rushing? Just don't answer it."

"Drexel already saw that my car is outside and she knows I'm home. And plus I gave her a key, for emergencies. " Denise grabbed her laptop. "So stay in here, until I can get rid of her." Denise said as she closed the door and ran to her front door.

The End

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