Every FifthMature

Later that night: 1:32am

Janet Jackson's No Sleeep stayed on repeat as he lifted Denise on her kitchen counter in her home.

She tossed her black cropped top off and threw it on the couch. He opened the window as the rain splattered on the window panel.  He climbed on top of her as the thunderous lightening became louder. Her back laid on her marble tiles as she played with her bra. He made a trail of kisses from her lips to her navel to her lips.

She put both her hands on the top of his head as he slid off her sapphire skirt with his teeth. He removed another article of clothing before she felt the warmth of his tongue. Her eyes started to roll back as she felt every stroke of his tongue. Every fifth stroke of the tongue, he hit a sensual and sensitive spot causing her body to cringed.  

"Yesss!" She moaned. 

John said, "did you miss me?"

"Yes..." Denise moaned.

John said, "I do it better?"

"Yes, baby," She moaned. 

He slid his finger in and her body shuttered as he whispered, "daddy's home."

He picked up his speed as she moaned louder. He physically lifted her up off the counter. He aligned his hands on her back while his head remain in between her legs. She pulled herself up as she held onto the ceiling. He was now standing up and she was sitting on his shoulders. 

His face became wet as he enjoyed her fountain of pineapples and pears.

"You taste amazing." He moaned. He ate her in this position for about seven minutes.  She then slid down his front as she was already on her second orgasm. His hands were now around her waist as she bent her arms behind her to start unbuckling his pants. She crept her warm hands into his wet pants and awakened the soldier that was waiting for her. He joited as his body felt her gentle touch. She started to rub his extension from side to side. He released a loud groan as it felt amazing. Her eyes were heavy as he continued to hit her favorite spot. His extension grew passed her shoulder and she turned to kiss it. 

He turned her body rightside up so that she was now facing his body. He stopped eating her and  carefully walked into the living room. He laid her down on the rug as she pressed her phone. 

Rope Burn by Janet played.

He removed his jeans and his shoes. She laid on the floor and grabbed a magnum condom from her purse. He laid opposite of her and placed his face in between her legs. He finished what he started. Her head was in between his legs as he slid himself in her mouth. He started to stroke as she felt it hit the back of her throat. She placed her hands in between to soften the blow. She blew on him as he stroke himself into his first orgasm of the night. This continued for another five minutes. 

In between the moans and the rain, John asked, "are you okay?"

She smiled, "you know how to fuck a girl right."

He got off of her and picked her up. She carefully put on the magnum condom for him. 

"Round 3 has begun." He said as he slapped her bare ass. She ran into the bedroom and he followed. 

The End

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