No SleeepMature

With no care in the world, Denise latched on John's body as he lead the kiss. No worries about Nikki or Roman, they both focused all their love and affection on each other. He pressed her body against the tree stump and allowed their tears to mix. He gently put her down as she crossed her legs. Soft and affectionate kisses were matched with light raindrops from the sky. They both stopped and watched the river as the rain became heavy. The hunter greens of the landscape against the swampy rainy blues blended with the brightly painted canvas. She laid her head on his chest and they stood underneath the tree as the storms increased.

No Sleeep by Janet Jackson captured their vulnerable and affectionate moment.  The sound of rain slamming down on the pavement and splashing on the bushes mixed with their still emotions create a moment they would never forget.

"I will never forget this moment." John whispered in her ear.

She pressed her ear to his chest, and his heartbeats calmed her, "neither will I."

He wrapped his hands around her waist, and the warmth of his body made her weak. She felt protected again. She felt at home. He tried to release because he thought he was smothering her but her grip became tighter.

Her tighter grip sent an understanding message to his brain. He felt a longing for her, and need to be there. He felt at home and  treasured again. 

She uttered,  "are you coming home with me?"

John hugged her tighter,  "yes, I am."

She grabbed his hand and lead him back to the entrance.  They walked in silence through the heavy rains back to Denise's car. She laid towels down in her car and he drove her car to her house.

The End

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