Joy's LandingMature

They stood by the gates of Penns Landing. Leaf by Elle Varner played on her phone. 

"Nikki. She said that you already left for Boston."

John responded,  "I keep Nikki on a string and she is on a need to know basis. She thinks I left today, but I wouldn't leave without talking to you, first."

Denise giggled, "she tried to scare me, and she almost got me."

John started walking toward the river, while Denise followed, "I am sorry that she attempted to scare you. She has no right going through my phone, doesn't matter how threaten she is by you. Nikki and I just don't work."

The busy interstate sounds took over the air. The closer they got to the riverfront, the louder the waves crashed.

"So much has happened, I am trying to absorbed all of this." Denise whispered. 

John stood next to her, "and it all started because of my dumb decision." He turned to her, "I am sorry that I caused you so much hurt."

"Do you still love me?" Denise said as the warm breeze created sweat.

Without the hesitation, "yes, you are my first love."

"I don't believe you."


"Because you wouldn't have left me like you did. How do I know that you won't do that again?"

"I would marry you,  and seal it with a ring. Like the ring that Roman sealed with you."

John finished, "he knows what he has, and I am jealous of him. I am so sorry that I listened to everyone but my own heart. I have paid the price of losing you."

They started walking against the riverfront of Penns Landing.

 John finished, "I envision you every morning and the way you smile when your content. How you absorb the sunlight and how it radiant when you saw me. You knew exactly what to do, to keep a smile on my face and I discarded that, because I wanted to please my parents with a woman that looked like my mother. I am a fucking idiot."

Denise rest her palm against his face, "relax John."

John chuckled, "just your touch calms me down."

Denise giggled, "I wonder what a kiss would do. " She said as she leaned in for a kiss. He wrapped his arms around her waist. The gentle kisses between John and Denise were warm yet mildly wet. She lead the kiss as she kissed him down his neck. He picked her up as continued to kiss him. He sat on the bench as she straddled him.

He took a breath and whispered in between breaths, "I... Please... please..."

She sat up as she watched tears drop from his eyes duckets.  His skin became flushed as he rubbed her back. She wiped up his tears, "I haven't stopped loving you."

He watched her eyes became glazed with love, "I am broken without you. I feel such an emptiness."

John placed his hand over her heart, "you are not broken, because you have me, now and forever."

She placed her hand over his heart, "I forgive you."  Her tears danced off the moonlight. Her graphite greens eyes radianted off his ocean blue gemstones.

"I want to be your husband. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. No offense to Roman, but I needed to tell you this."

"I am not engaged to Roman anymore. He found his love."

John kissed her again and spun her. He took off the ring that Roman presented her and put in her purse. He took off his promise ring and got down on one knee.

"4 years ago we made a promise to always stay friends through every thing. I now update this promise ring, as I promise I will never leave you broken. Please be my wife. Be the person that completes my sentence and tells me when I'm wrong. Slap me around when I need to be slapped around (they laughed). Be the mother of our offspring. I'll be on your team, listen to your every need. Not because I am required, because I can't live without my joy."

The End

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