Moonlight TearsMature

The next night:

Denise stepped out of her honda with black cropped top and a sapphire midi a-line skirt. Laced black swede booties wedges completed her look. She walked down south street with light sapphire eye shadow. The warm humid weather created a thick cloud through the streets of downtown section. 

She looked down at her watch as she realized he was late. I don't care by Elle Varner played. She hummed the lyrics as she tapped her foot.

The crescent moon shined throughout the bricked ingraved roads. Drunken people walked passed Denise. The vibrant city life was active with drunkiness and social fun while anxiety rubbed her legs. She looked down again.

"I am an idiot." She whispered to herself.  She remained patience as the time passed.

"Denise?" She said as Denise turned her direction. 

Nikki walked up to her, "hello." Her dark dress crept up like a shadow of darkness.

Denise scoffed,  "yes?" She raised her head, as she was getting back in the game.

"He is mine now."

"I wasn't here for that. I was here for my friend."

"You can't be friends with someone you love.  He already left for Boston. He doesn't care or love you anymore."

"Okay, I get it. I'll bow out gracefully." Denise began to head the opposite direction. 

Nikki looked pleased, "thank you."

Denise checked, "when you do drop him, because you a gold digger ho, don't shatter him. Or you'll have..."

Nikki chuckled as she interrupted Denise, "you can have what is left of him. He isn't all of that."

"You might want to watch what you say around me. I will beat a bitches ass with this cute outfit on."

"Ha! You are the violent type, aren't you. Don't fight over John, we'll save this fight after I take Roman from you."

Denise laughed out loud as headed down the opposite direction of her. Nikki chuckled as she flagged down a cab. She watched Denise cross the bridge that oversees interstate 95. She waved as she passed.

"I am not designed for this. I left myself wide open. I gotta get myself back in the game." Denise whispered to herself as the interstate was flooded with bright white glazing lights.

She looked up at the crescent moon. She leaned on the gate as she stared into the moon's soul. Her tears danced down her cheek as she sung I don't care by Elle Varner. It was stuck in her head. 

"You always had a beautiful voice." John said as he walked up to her.

Denise quickly turned and pinched herself, "ouch! You're not in Boston?"

John finished,  "no, I told you, I am not leaving until tomorrow. Why do you sound surprise?"

The End

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