Words of EncouragementMature

She snapped out of her trance when she heard Laura Ann (La) snapping her fingers.

"Don't get all emotional. One, you're at work. Two, John is standing in line." La firmly said.

Denise wiped her face and she replayed everything in her daydream. JC Chasez, This I promise you played throughout the café. 

Denise took another sip of her S'mores Frappuccino, "what is the last thing I told you?"

"You and Roman are over."

"We aren't necessarily over. Just not dating, we have decided to be friends. And I like it that way."

"How did this happen?"

"I met his ex girlfriend.  She was beautiful and the way he was with her. They clicked. And I told him to get her back." Denise sharply inhaled, "and he did. I can't be mad, because I would do the same. But he knows he can have her. I am broken."

"We all get our hearts broken." La hushed.

Denise sung, "yes, I now know."

La grabbed her hand as she realized John was walking over.  

"Hi ladies." He said.

Denise smiled as she greeted him, "hey John."

The moment remain still as they looked at each other. La stood up and hugged him, "it's good seeing you John. I have to run to the bathroom."

Denise offered him a seat, "would you like to sit?"

John sat down next to her and the sunlight laid against his skin. He watched her movement as silence played alongside N'sync's melody.

John asked, "what's wrong?"

Denise took a deep breath, and tried to chose her words carefully, "it's just been a hard week."

"You got this. You are a strong and beautiful person that can overcome anything. I've seen you in action, you'll be fine. Stop worrying,  God's got you."

She whispered,  "thank you. I needed to hear that." She exhaled, "How is your week?"

"My dad is in the hospital,  I have to go see him."

"Oh, I am sorry."

"It's okay. I have to take the trip cause Lisa is taking care of him and needs some help."

"And your mom?"

"Yeah, she's there too."

"I hope everything gets better."

"Me too."

She looked down at her watch.

John smiled, "you have to go back to work?"

Denise nodded, "yes."

John nervously,  "I know this is completely inappropriately,  but it's been a rough week for me too. Before I leave for Boston, can we have dinner?"

Denise stumbled,  "yes." She stood up and walked towards the back. She waved bye as she stepped into the backroom. She closed the door and let out her tears.

"Thank you Lord..."

The End

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