Just Too LateMature

"Wait... why you tell them, we're engaged, when we aren't. " John uttered.

Nikki grinned, "they both needed to hear it."

John blew her off.

A few days later on July 1st.

John finished his morning routine as Nikki kissed him goodbye.  She left and he opened up the newspaper to see the reviews of his two new gyms.  He opened facebook and read some posts and interviews about his gyms.

He clicked over to Denise's page as Latch by Sam Smith played throughout his home. He looked throughout her page. Dan called his house phone.


"Hey John. Are you busy?"

"No, what's going on?" 

"Can you call mom? I think something has happened. Eve and I flew down to North Carolina to visit her family and I haven't been able to get in contact with the family.

"I talked to mom this morning. Dad got sick in the heat, so he is in the hospital.  I'm thinking about driving up there."

"Oh good. Is Nikki going?"

"No, I have her being watch by a private investigator.  And plus she wouldn't want to go anyway. I hope I am wrong about her."

"I hope you cut her. So when we getting you back with Denise."

"She's is getting married. I fucked up. I chose my family over her."

"No, you didn't."


"You fucked up on your own. Nikki was throwing it on you and you took it. Yes she is the image of what you want. But Denise is what you need. Stop the sob story and get her back before it's too late."

"I don't even know where to start."

"Drop Nikki."

"I have to find out if she is stealing first."

"John, get your head in the game."

"Okay bro."

The End

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