Pure Powder Pink BlissMature

A few days later at 8:30pm:

Denise and Roman laughed out loud and he passed her a teddy bear. The loud and flashing lights of the carnival festivities covered the warm air. Cheerleader by Omi blared throughout the area.

Denise started to move her hips to the rhythm of the drums and the trumpets. Roman laughed as he grabbed her hand as they salsa through the crowd. The crowd turned their attention to the fun loving couple. Roman aligned his hips with hers and glided across the wet grass with people clapping around them.

Denise shined her pearly white teeth as pure happiness covered her face. During the trumpet solo, Roman lifted her and spunned her around. The crowd cheered them on while some recorded them with their mobile devices.  The bowed as they returned to reality.

"That was so much fun!" Denise yelled as she walked away from the crowd.

"You are such a great dancer," Roman cheered.

Joelle's Save Me played shortly ever.

Denise grabbed his hand, "um, you kept up with me. Deeming you as a great dancer."

Roman smiled, "am I better kisser?"

Denise wrapped her hands around his waist, "can I have a reminder?"

A moment of pure pink bliss settled around the powder of fun. She felt her bottom lip being tugged by his teeth. The chilly breeze rubbed against the warmth of their kiss. She released and focused on behind him. She met eyes with John.

 She softly pulled away from Roman when she realized John and Nikki walked near them. She pretended not to see them. John held Nikki's hand as the walked by. Roman spun her and she ran into Nikki. It knocked her popcorn out of her hands.

"Omg, we are so sorry." Denise apologized. 

Roman apologized as Nikki wiped her dress. She looked up to Roman and smiled.

"It's okay." Nikki said.

John said, "don't worry about it. It was a mistake."

Roman passed her $5, "your next is on me."

John turned to Denise, "are you enjoying the carnival?"

Denise smiled at Roman, "yeah, it's perfect."

Nikki firmly gripped John's arm. Denise grabbed Roman's hands and interlocked them. 

John said, "by the way, congrats on your engagement. "

Denise thanked him. Nikki sexually glared at Roman and John started small talk. Before John could finish, Roman interrupted. 

Roman grinned at Nikki, "Denise, are you ready to go, before this get uncomfortable."

Nikki smirked, "why would this be uncomfortable? Denise is happy with you, and John is engaged to me too."

"Engaged?" Denise muttered.

John coughed and Roman seemed relieved.

Nikki smiled, "yep he is all mine. Enjoy your night?"

The End

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