Cheers 2 DecisionsMature

"So what do I do?!" Denise passionately repeated.

"Wait, your sorority sisters just walked in with my fraternity brother. I'll say my opinion, after you catch them up."

Denise turned around and met eyes with Eve and Drexel. Eve ran over with light denim jeans with a white cami and devilishly purple flats. While Drexel walked over with sweatpants, a hoodie and sneakers. 

"What are you wearing?" Denise mentioned as everyone exchanged greetings.

Drexel responded,"I don't get dressed up everyday. Who has the time and energy to do that everyday!"

"We do!" Denise and Eve laughed out loud.

Bryan walked up to his frat brother, Kofi and greeted him. Bryan pointed everyone's attention to Denise and she repeatedly her story. 

"So what do I do?"

Eve and Bryan both agreed, "stay out of it. It's none of your business. He is on his own."

Kofi said, "I would tell him. It would make him feel dumb but you're looking out for him.

Drexel responded, "if you still have feelings for him, Soror, then yes. But if you don't, stay clear of this hot ass mess."

They laughed."

Eve smiled, "Denise, you are engaged to someone else. Worry about your own relationship!" 

Kofi interjected, "he is still your friend. If he found out you knew about this and didn't warn him, that might..."

Bryan intervened, "he dumped you for that whore. Let him face Karma without you." 

Drexel laughed, "follow your heart but there is a possibility that he won't listen to you."

Denise ran her fingers through her hair, "okay, I'll follow my heart, and let it go. John isn't my problem anymore. I have a good man in Roman."

Eve and Bryan cheered, "thata girl!!! Leave his ass alone!"

Drexel smiled, "yes please, follow your heart."

Kofi agreed, "if John isn't your friend, then you are making a good decision."

Denise replied, "thanks guys."

Eve raised her glass, "cheers to following your heart!"

The End

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