Spontaneous TripMature

Later on that day:

Denise met up with a close friend to discuss the matters she observed earlier that day. Bryan hugged her and walked into the tattoo parlor.


"So how is my favorite Sigma doing?" Denise said as they walked through the front door.

"Your favorite brother of Phi Beta Sigma, is doing phenomenal! Thanks for meeting up with me! I have really wanted to get these piercings for so long!"

"Oh no problem! I really needed a break from my thoughts and training of this new position."

"Oh good! I know this was completely spontaneous! Are you going to get anything done?"

Denise proclaimed, "Well if you're going to get your nipples done, I may... I mean MAY get my belly button done." 

They both laughed. A few moments later, Denise watched Bryan sit in the chair and squeeze her hand as the person sliced a small incision in between his nipples.

He squeezed it hard for the second one but didn't yell.

"Yes, boy. Take that pain!" Denise congratulated as the person wiped around his nipple.

He cleaned Bryan up and then shorty after, they went out for a light drink.

Denise bursted, "I was focused on my online training, when I hear this obnoxious laugh. And its Nikki Bell, my ex's current girlfriend. And that chick was slobbing down some older dude. Yes, she is a whore, like I always knew she was. And she is cheating on John. And she is after something of his! Do I say something to him?"

"Damn Denise, all of that!"

"Yes, Bryan! Sooooo!"

The End

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