All Of MeMature

Denise put her lips on the straw and took a sip of her orange juice. She opened her laptop as the warm breeze brushed against her face. The upscaled bar and grill sat in Glenside, a town just north of Philadelphia. KT tavern was warm and inviting. 

She sliced her omelet with a knife and put a piece of food in her mouth. She continued to finish her online training. Best of me by Mya played in the background. 

She looked down at her text from Roman and smiled.  She picked up her blue pen and tapped it repeatedly. She heard a familiar laughed and turned her head. 

Nikki laughed. Denise shudded her face. Her eyes got wide as she thought she was with John.

"Damn, this was supposed to be a secret place." She thought.

She subtlety put the menu up and watched Nikki through the reflection of the window. Nikki laughed and put her hand on the man's knee.

"Oh, she's a whore. Ugh." She smirked, "this isn't my place, uh what do I do?"

Denise grabbed her phone and turned it to vibrate.  She subtlety took a picture of Nikki kissing the man. 

Denise put her head down and reviewed the picture, "that's not John, but that is damn sure Nikki's bitch ass. She is cheating on him! Do I say something?  Do I just ignore it?"

Denise tried to listen to their conversation.

"Baby, it's almost done." Nikki said.

"When will you be all mine?"

"You have all of me."

"I don't want to share you anymore."

"I have no love for John. He's still in love with that dumb bitch. He can have her after I take what's mine."

"What's ours!"

"Yes, baby, it's ours."

The End

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