John's JymMature

Three Weeks Later:

Post To Be by Omarion, Chris Brown and Jhene Aiko blasted throughout John Jym in center city.

John lifted a set next to his brother. He finished his set of lifting 320lbs. 

Dan removed his headphones, "yo bro, you are really getting this."

John chuckled,  "yeah, suprisingly! "

John wiped his arms and Dan stretched his legs.

Dan smiled, "you ready to run 5k with me." 

John wiped his head and removed his cap. Dan wiped down the machine he was using while John put back the weights, he was using.

Dean and Roman walked by Dan and John.

"Yo Dan!" Roman yelled.

Roman and Dean shook Dan's hand, "hey guys. Yall come to this gym!"

Dean smirked, "yeah, this is one of the best gyms in Philly."

John smiled, "thanks man. I'm the owner. It's nice to meet you."

Dan corrected himself, "shit, let me introduced you guys. This is my brother John Beamer, the owner of John Jym brands. And this is Dean, a fly kid from Ohio and this is Denise's fiancé Roman from Florida. "

They shook hands.

Dan continued,  "John is Denise's ex boyfriend. "

Roman smirked, "thanks for breaking up with her. She is my prized treasure."

John cringed, "so you're the guy that has her attention."

Roman smug smiled, "was I what you expected."

John cringed, "not at all. But she's a great person, so don't hurt her."

Roman started to walk away, "I won't hurt her, like you once did. Yes, I know all about you.

Roman patted Dean on his back and they walked away.

The End

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