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Later that day:

Denise kissed Roman's lips.

"This dinner was amazing." Denise whispered.

Roman picked up his fork, "you deserved it."

"Baby, do you mind if I go change my shoes, I love these pumps, but they hurt."

Roman smiled, "go ahead baby."

Denise stood up as her emerald and onyx lace dress left a beautiful impression on all around her. Her hair was pressed into a tight pony tail and her light makeup illuminated off the hanging pearls from the ceiling. She sharply turned as she pressed the elevator door to watch Roman's expression. 

She pressed the button for the bottom floor and hurried to her car. She was escorted to her car where she looked for another pair of shoes. 

"I never open John's gift bag." She said aloud.

She changed her black pumps, to white pumps as  she unraveled his gift. She smiled as she read his card. He said everything she has ever wanted him to say. She became emotional.  She opened her birthday gift.

"Wow." It was two tickets to see Brandy perform as Roxie Hart in Chicago on Broadway. The tickets were $400. Brandy was one of her favorite artists of all time.

"We were supposed to see this together." She grabbed a kleenex and wiped her eyes.

She got herself together and walked back to the restaurant.  She returned to the 19 floor of the Hyatt building for XIX restaurant. 

She walked back in to find the restaurant dark. She looked around as she was confused. Candles suddenly turned on and the guests started to sing her happy birthday. 

She became emotional again and she was escorted to Roman. She looked around as they sang. She saw her friends, Eve, Dan, Drexel, Brandy, Mylez, Krescent and her twin sister Laura Ann. Her mom and dad sung as well.

The song ended a happy tears flooded her face. 

She blew out her candles and everyone started clapping.

Roman walked up to her and kissed her. She was in shock as she looked around. She saw Mrs. Margaret, and her staff from Starbucks. 

Roman asked her, "are you surprised?"

Denise yelled, "yes!"

Roman continued, " I met you a few months ago and have had an amazing time being your boyfriend. You are so beautiful inside and out and you really compliment me as a person. I love your laugh and the way you own a room where you walk into a room."

You by Raheem Devaughn played.

Roman got on one knee, "my parents got married within 6 months of knowing each other and have been married for 20 years plus. My brother followed the pattern, and has been married for 6 years plus now. Denise, I would like to continue that tradition. Denise,  will you marry me?"

Denise eye's got wide as he pulled out  18k white gold diamond ring, with two emeralds wrapped around it.

She thought about John, and how she will never be good enough. It's time for her to take care of herself, and she replied, "yes!"

The End

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