My ForteMature

Nikki asked for a hug and John gave her one. 

"Are you coming home?" Nikki said.

John smiled, "Not yet. Tammy and I are going to the new gym. I want to check on a few things."

Nikki smiled, "Tammy is a good assistant,  but she likes you. Watch her."

John ignored her, "okay, I will."

Nikki got in John's car, gave him his wallet, house key and drove home. John walked over to Tammy and got in her car. Tammy pulled out documents that John requested. 

"Yes, I did what you told me last week and she is definitely up to something. "

John opened the sealed envelope as Tammy drove off. Aaliyah's So Smooth played.

"This is what you discovered. Nikki may be taking funds from the gym. " John whispered.

Tammy said, "I can't put my finger on what she may be doing, but it's sneaky."

John chuckled, "this is why we've been arguing so much. I haven't been concentrating on my business.  I have to hire a private investigator,  she may be robbing us."

Tammy agreed, "why don't you take some days off."

"It's too close to the grand opening dates."

Tammy questioned,  "I know it's not my business, but are you and Nikki okay? It was a authoritative battle this morning at the meeting. We know she is a business partner,  but she isn't our boss, right."

John smirked,  "Tammy, I respect you and appreciate you as my assistant.  It is your business, because I care about you. Nikki and I have been arguing nonstop for two months. This could be a distraction to whatever she is doing. But it got really intense when Denise entered back in the picture."

She happily replied, "she's back in the picture!"

"I hope so."

"Me too. I thought Denise was gorgeous."

"Prettier than Nikki??"

Tammy smiled, "yes, hands down. I like black women too. My girlfriend is black."

John laughed, "you're a lesbian."

Tammy smiled, "yes, John. Vagina is my forte!"

They both laughed hard. 

Tammy smiled, "Denise compliments you much better than Nikki. And you always had a glow when you thought of her or saw her. I hope you guys get back together."

"I hope so too. "

The End

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