Thousand TimesMature

Later on that day:

Unthinkable by Alicia Keys played on the radio at the end of their meeting.

Nikki had the contractor review the papers to finish the gym project. John alongside his board of leaders were discussing the new gyms.

"So we have two locations that are set to have huge amounts of traffic." Tammy said.

John agreed, "so the grand opening to the John's Jym North will open in June.  That date is in four weeks."

Nikki proclaimed,  "we are fully staffed at this location, with the transfer of Stephanie and Hunter. The third gym that is located in South Philly is now fully staffed and will launch in June as well."

John thanked his staff, "This is phenomenal.  I appreciate all your hard work team. John's Jym is expanding. Thank you!"

Tammy finished, "you are a great leader John, and we are so happy to embark on this journey with you to be successful. "

Nikki said, "This meeting is now adjourned. The equipment with arrive in two weeks, and both stores should be ready a week ahead of the grand openings."

Nikki started to collect the paperwork while John shook everyone's hand as they left. When John and Nikki were the last ones in the room, their argument continued.

Nikki pressed the button so that the smartboard would put itself away, "so are you going to tell me where were you last night. I woke up, sad and scared."

"Nikki, you had my wallet and keys last night. You knew you had them!"

"I did not!" She yelled.

"You did. You left your keys in the house. We were driving my car."

"Well I was pissed because you were talking to that bitch!"

"I spoke to Denise and Mrs. Margaret for like 5 minutes.  You are tripping!?"

"Where were you last night, John?!? You weren't at Dan's house."

"You left me stranded in Philadelphia and you're fucking yelling at me? Get the fuck out of my face, Nikki." He said as he walked out of the office. He stormed to the front door. 

She ran behind him, "you need to calm down! I called your phone a thousand times."

"My phone died."

"What is the problem? I can't care about you. Am I just your sex piece, something on your arm?! I'm your girlfriend,  I have a right to know!"

"I stayed with Mrs. Margaret and her sister dropped me off this morning.  Now drop it, please." John lied.

The End

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