Gone with the Wind, Fabolous.Mature


Denise dropped John off at the corner. She passed him $100 bill. Want to Want Me by Jason Derulo played lightly in her car.

"This should get you by for the day,  and then pay me back when you see me next."

John leaned in her car, "you don't have too. But thank you for taking good care of me."

Denise replied,  "if I was in a similar predicament,  I hope you would reciprocate."

John finished, "without a doubt."

Denise smiled, "well, your phone has been blowing up, so I'm thinking your girl ain't to happy. She must really annoy you, cause you always picked up my calls."

"That's cause I enjoyed you. You weren't my girlfriend,  you were my best friend."

Denise smiled, "well then it looks like everything worked out, since you replaced me with the other bestfriend."

John put his head down and she finished, "I don't want to take jabs at you,  I just wish it would have ended differently."

John voiced, "I made a rash decision with the wrong mindset. You deserved a clean cut answer from me. I never wanted to be a source of pain to you. Trust me, I'm experiencing consequences now."

Denise played with her ring, "so if you had to do it all again."

"I would choose you in a heart beat."

She was stunned by his answer. She finished, "well, that opportunity is gone with the wind. Thank you for falling in love with Nikki because I would have never fallen for a man that loves me for me. His family likes me too. And the only issues we have are if we will match our outfits that day.  I am so happy with Roman."

John uttered, "do you still love me?"

Denise put her head down, "I am happy with Roman."

John muttered, "if I worked hard, would you take me back?"

Denise looked uncomfortable,  "I guess you'll never know, since you love your girlfriend. " She looked in her rear view mirror as Nikki approached.

Denise chuckled,  "speaking of your girlfriend,  she's walking up behind you."

John rubbed his face, "this is going to be rough!"

Denise laughed, "bye bye John. Have fun." She drove off.

The End

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