Waffle RockMature

The next morning.

John rubbed his eyes and flared his nostrils. He could smell lightly toasted waffles and bacon. The instrumental solo of Stevie Wonder's Isn't she lovely placed lightly in the background. He leaned forward and stretched his arms. He felt his body pop with release and he woke up fully. His eyes focused onto a wall that was painted sky blue. The window blew open as her curtains bounced off  sun rays.

He removed the sheets from on top of him and got up. He glanced over to her kitchen and rubbed his flat stomach. He tiptoed into the bathroom to freshen up and brushed his teeth.

Denise crept back into the kitchen when she realized he was in the bathroom. She flipped the waffle and grabbed two containers of jelly and maple syrup. She switched the song to India Arie's  the truth.  She blended slices of pineapples, pears, mangos, blueberries with 2% milk, whey protein and ice. She ran back into her bedroom to finish getting dress.

John wiped his face and came out of the bathroom. He put on the clothes he had on the day before and turned his phone back on. He tied his shoes as he listened to Denise talking on the phone.

Denise grinned, "hey baby. How are you?"

John zoned out as he listened to the happiness of her tone. He sensed himself getting jealous. 

Denise hopped into the kitchen with a five inch pump in her hand. She ran into her living room. John laughed as he watched her run around her apartment. John put his shirt back on as Denise finished her conversation. 

"Yes, I am so down for dinner Roman. So I'll see you tonight!" Denise jumped.

She turned to John, "well good morning."

John smiled, "good morning."

Denise pointed, "I didn't know what time to wake you, but you looked very comfortable,  so I didn't bother you."

"I slept like a rock last night, it was beautiful. "

"Yes, you were tired. Well I made breakfast,  just in case. Or you can have a smoothie."

John washed his hands and grabbed half of a waffle. Denise finished drinking her smoothie.

John bit into his waffle, "thank you for breakfast.  I know when I turn my phone on,  everyone will want my attention.  So I am enjoying this silence."

"Well hurry up. It's almost 9 and I'll drop you off at your site by 9:30am."

"Okay, by the way, thank you."

"No problem John." 

"If I may be nosy, but it sounds like you are happy with your boyfriend. "

Denise looked down, "he treats me very well."

"I'm happy, you deserve it all."

"Is Nikki what you wanted?"

"I'm learning about this now."

Denise smiled,  "well its sound constructive."

John chuckled, "that's a good way of putting it."

The End

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