Philly's SmileMature

Denise and John laughed as Denise turned the corner to Mrs. Margaret house.

"Stop laughing at me, it's true. I ran into the glass window. Almost gave myself a damn concussion."

Denise laughed, "so on top of everything that happened that day,  you ran into a glass wall!"

John laughed, "atleast you didn't draw blood."

Margaret giggled, "but I damn sure did though. Fucking splatter on LensCrafters window. I was so embarrassed, but it's a hell of a great story."

She grabbed her purse and opened the door, "thank you Denise for taking me home. It was great hanging out with you and John."

They both agreed and John switched to the front seat. Mrs. Margaret walked into her house and Denise drove off. Ready by Fabolous and Chris Brown played.

Denise pressed the gas and John snapped in his seatbelt.

Denise turned on her left signal, "so where am I dropping you off."

John smiled, "can you drop me at the hotel on 42nd?"


"I got into an argument with Nikki and I need space before I choke her."

Denise laughed, "damn, that bad, huh?! Why don't you stay with Dan and Eve?"

"They aren't picking up the telephone, and I don't want to wake them up. And plus, I am checking out my new gym tomorrow. So I'll just take a cab there in the morning."

The traffic light turned yellow, so she slowed down. D

enise keep her eyes straight on the road even though she felt comfortable with him. J

ohn rolled down his window and inhaled the breeze.

"I love this city. Thank you for introducing me to Philly." He hoarsely whispered.

"Philly is a beautiful city especially on Kelly Drive. I love the lights on boathouse row."

"It's nice to just take a moment to acknowledge life around you. You taught me this."

"No problem." She said as she looked at him. 

"Thank you for taking me tonight. This could have been a rough night, without you."

"No problem. It was Mrs. Margaret idea. But it's good to see you not livid anymore."

"I thought so. Bless her heart. I'm glad she got us talking again." John looked at Denise and got caught up in her glow. He turned off his cell phone. Keri Hilson and Chris Brown Superhuman played.

Denise turned on to Interstate 76.  

Denise turned to him, "do you have your wallet?"

He padded himself down, "fuck, I don't. "

"Relax John."

"I don't have a place to stay or money. This shit that is Nikki is irking my life!"

"Um, relax sir, you can crash on my couch tonight."

John looked at her, "really? You would do that?"

Denise merged into the fast lane, "we may not be friends anymore, but at one time I cared for you deeply. It's only right."

The End

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