Mrs. MargaretMature

John took a deep breath became blue in the face. He was infuriated with Nikki's argument.  He jogged a few blocks and went to his gym. 

Nikki texted him: I'm taking the car home and I'm going to sleep. Fuck you and your feelings. When you come in tonight, sleep on the couch.

John felt his negative tension build in his muscles.  He got to his gym and realized that Nikki had his gym keys.  He became livid and outraged. He couldn't reach a clear consensus of what he should do next.

 He took deep breaths as he walked through the colorful streets of Center City. He found himself back at that Starbucks.  Margaret and Denise were sitting outside talking.

Denise stood up as the wind blew behind her. The graphite green shined brightly as they collided with his ocean deep blue eyes. Denise saw the apoplexy cover him and she gracefully skipped over.  Her footsteps splashed the puddles as he prepared to embrace her body. 

 She collided into him and pressed her hands on his face. 

"Baby, what's wrong."

He opened his mouth to speak and closed his eyes. 

He opened his eyes and blinked a few times. He realized he was lost in a daydream.  He stood there and wanted her to get up and make him feel better.  She leaned over and saw him standing there. Sweet Love by Anita Baker played on the outside speaker of Starbucks. 

She could see the hurt on his face but had to resist the urge of helping. 

Margaret said, "John! Welcome back. Come sit with us."

John tried to smile, " I'm okay. I just need to talk a walk."

Denise said, "are you okay?"

Margaret agreed, "you look pissed."

Denise giggled, "I see that you dropped your drink." She pointed at the curb.

John said, "Nikki, left me without my car, and I gotta get home soon."

Margaret interjected,  "Denise, can take you home! She's taking me home."

Denise gave a dumbfounded facial expression.  

John laughed as he watched Denise become uncomfortable.  Margaret kicked Denise underneath the table.

Denise muttered, "yeah, I don't mind."

John wiped the sweat from his forehead,  "really. It's okay, I don't mind walking."

Denise said, "it's your choice." She grabbed her car keys and stood up.

Margaret grabbed her purse and started walking with Denise.

Margaret grinned, "are you coming?"

John looked at his watch and decided it was getting too late at night.

John smiled, "yes, please."

He ran up to them. Margaret finished her conversation. 

The End

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