Nikki waited for him to leave Starbucks. 

"What the hell was that in there?" Nikki yelled.

John brushed her off and walked towards the car.

Nikki repeated, " John, were you flirting with that bitch in there?"

John took a sip of his smoothie,  "you need to relax. I haven't spoken to her in months."

Nikki proclaimed, "that is your ex girlfriend.  I don't want you talking to her."

John chuckled, "you're bugging right now. It was the first friendly conversation since we broke up. All I did was wish her a happy birthday. "

Nikki turned on the car and Miguel's Adorn played in the background. 

Nikki walked over to him and got in his face. People awkwardly walked by them on this busy Philly night.

"Don't tell me that was a friendly conversation. " She mocked him, "oh Denise, seeing you made my night."

John took another sip of his smoothie and Nikki smacked it out of his hand.

"That bitch probably made that for you."

The smoothie splattered on his shorts and reebok sneakers.  He became irrated. 

"Are you seriously having a fucking moment cause I spoke five words to her." He said as he grabbed napkins from the car.

"Yes! You left me in the car for a half-hour."

"Nikki! There was a legit a bus load of people before me. I just got my drink a few seconds ago." He wiped his sneakers.

"You had to be caught up in the conversation so deeply that you didn't get me one?"

"Nikki, you need to chill. I got caught up in seeing Mrs. Margaret.  I used to see that old woman every Thursday night. I missed talking to her."

"I do not believe you. You did not notice that I was even around until I made my presence known. I don't want you talking to Denise again. You are banned!"


"That's what I fucking said, and you're not getting any tonight." Nikki proclaimed. 

John ignored her and got into the driver's seat. 

Nikki yelled, "this conversation is not over, just because you want to start to ignore me." She said as she got into the vehicle. They started yelling and arguing. About ten minutes of arguing, John got out of the parked car. Nikki slammed the driver's door and walked around the car.

"Where are you going?!"

"Leave me alone Nikki."


"Leave me the fuck alone. I've already been very clear of the non existing relationship of Denise and I. If you want to be upset and bitch all night about your fucking insecurities then do it alone.  I'm tired of this conversation and need to get away from you tonight before I say something that will destroy this relationship." 

The End

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