Skinny Caramel MacchiatoMature

Denise felt her emotions build as she wanted to tell him everything. She kept her composure as she remained calm. John was so anxious to finally speak with her. He missed her presence and tried to remain calm as they talked.

Denise finished,  "Drexel launched a surprise birthday dinner party for me."

John smiled, "that girl can throw a party."

Denise took off her apron and visor. Put her pumps back on and walked into the café with John and Margaret. How many drinks by Miguel played.

Denise asked, "and how are things with you?"

John rubbed his head, "I'm doing well, about to open my second gym in the surburbs."

Denise smiled, "congratulations.  I'm happy that you are following your dreams."

Nikki walked in and walked over to them.

"Hey baby." She said as she kissed John. Denise took a deep breath. Margaret watched Denise's emotion become transparent.  Denise's defense  walls grew as her whole mood changed.

John became uncomfortable, "hey Nikki. I'll meet you in the car."

She bypassed him, "did you get me a drink?" He nodded  in disagreement. 

She turned to Denise, "can I have a skinny caramel macchiato?"

Denise pointed at the cash register, "you can order there."

Nikki swished her hair as she grabbed John away from Denise.  

Denise smirked, "I'm pretty sure she doesn't want me to make her drink." They both laughed. John glanced at Denise and whispered, "I'm sorry."

Denise looked down at her watch as Nikki said her order. 

Denise interrupted,  "I'm so sorry Nikki. We are actually closed at the moment and the registers will turn off in a few seconds. I will have to ask you and him to leave."

Nikki ignored her but Skyler didn't, "Sorry, she's my boss. Thanks for coming to Starbucks. "

Denise smile as Nikki stormed out. 

John smiled, "that was funny. Enjoy your birthday Denise. Seeing you tonight made my night. Good night baristas and Mrs. Margaret.  Bye Denise. "

The End

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