His InitialsMature

The dinner party was a success; filled with laughter and appreciation.  Drexel escorted the majority of her guests to the door at the end of the night. Drexel walked Denise and Roman to Denise's car.

"Thank you for an amazing dinner party. I don't know how you kept that a secret from me." Denise smiled.

Roman wrapped his arms around her waist, "I don't know either. But it worked for the better."

Drexel smiled, "I'm so happy that this was a success. Now have a beautiful night, I'm off to bed. "

Roman and Denise allowed Drexel to sneak back into her place. Roman licked his lips and softly kissed her right earlobe. The vibrations of his tongue sent chills down her spine. He rubbed her back, " I think this is the eighth time I said this, but damn you are beautiful."

She looked down and blushed,  "thank you."

He slid his fingertips in between hers and lead her down the street. Their footsteps were in sync as he played Tamia's I'm into You.  She hummed the harmony as Roman swayed alongside her.  She put her head on his left shoulder as he mumbled, " Are you happy?"

"Don't I look happy?"

"I know what could make you even happier!"

His bottom lip softly caressed hers.  His tongue gently traced his initials in her mouth. She smiled as she allowed herself to get lost in his world. His hands followed the grooves of her black dress. He pressed her body against her car. Minutes became moments as his fingertips gripped her tailbone. Her hands traced his beard and his tribal tattoos. 

Denise whispered,  "baby, can we continue this tomorrow? "

Roman smiled, "anything you want."

She blew him a kiss and drove off, minutes later. 

She imagined Roman kissing her as she drove near her old Starbucks. She rolled down the window as Aaliyah's Rock the Boat blasted through her speakers.  She felt the numbness of horniness and anxiousness climb up in her veins. She drove four minutes to reach Starbucks before they closed.

"Denise!!! She's back!" A barista yelled as Denise walked in.

She was flooded with love as customers and baristas ran over to her. She greeted them as sat as spoke with them.

Margaret, Denise oldest customers came over, "we've missed you, so much!

Denise hugged Margaret, "it's so great seeing you. I miss our talks!"

Margaret smiled,  "let's talk."

Skyler interrupted,  "by the way, Happy birthday Denise. Here is a gift from all of us. And John dropped this off for you."

"John Beamer?"

"Yes John."

The End

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