Kisses of PollenMature

1 Month later: May 20th.

Drexel walked down the steps and opened the door. 

Mya, Brandy, Eve and Mylez walked in. They all greeted each other. Drexel lead them to her decorated living room. Titus, Drexel's boyfriend and Roman, Denise's boyfriend were setting up the dinning room table. 24 Hours by Trey Songz and Chris Brown played throughout the apartment. 

Drexel took her time as she walked down the steps with six inch pumps. All the dinner guest were dressed in all black. She opened the door. Dean and Krescent present her with birthday gifts for Denise. Everyone were excited for surprise birthday dinner.

20 minutes later:

Denise walked down her driveway to her car. A silky black dress tightly hugged her figure as a thick gold plate wrapped around her neck. She paired the gold plate halter top with light gold jewelry and five inch pumps.  Her hair was straightened against her black Prada glasses.  

She pressed her air conditioner as Omarion featuring Tank and Admire sung Problem. She added another coating of cranberry red lipstick and proceeded to drive into the beautiful city of Philadelphia. 

She took the scenic route to reach center city. She glanced off the river of the Susquehanna river to observe the stars align. The weather and music was to her standards. Kelly Drive was decorated for light festivities and she enjoyed every minute of it.

She reached a red light by the river and looked over to her cell phone. She smiles as she notices a missed text messages from Roman and Drexel.  She also had a text message from an unknown number, that was unfamiliar. She looked up and the traffic light remained red. She hovered over the message as the light remained red. 

" I wonder who..." she whispered as the traffic light turn lime green.

She tossed her phone onto the passenger's seat and continued to drive.  The suspicion caught her attention at every red traffic light but she kept still. She pulled into Drexel's apartment, parked her car and stood outside. The wind blew light and gentle kissed of pollen around her. She picked up the phone and check the mysterious mystery: "Happy Birthday beautiful. "

She instantly smiled as she responded,  "thank you for thinking of me, tonight."

He texted back, " are you still mad at me?"

She took a few Instagram pictures and then thought about her next question. 

"Should I ask him about Nikki." She whispered to herself. 

He texted back, "btw is Cj, how have you been?"

She looked down with disappointment,  "This is hard, but I have to do it.  I gotta keep surpressing emotions and feelings for John."

She grabbed her clutch and walked up to Drexel's house.

The End

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