Gradient Prada FramesMature

1 hour later:

John walked into the West Starbucks of King of Prussia. Nikki walked over with bags in her hand. John counted the bags in her hand: a Chanel bag, Nordstrom bag, Michael Kors bag and MAC bags.

"Hey baby?" She said as she kissed him on his lips.

"Hey Nik. So what's the damage?"

The barista called out, "I have a tall skinny mocha with coconut milk for Nikki and a grande dark roast with cream and a shot of espresso for John.

John smiled, "thanks babe, for the coffee. "

Nikki smiled, "I only spent $700. Nothing deep."

John choked a little bit as Mariah Carey's It's A Wrap played throughout the café. 

"Nikki, the budget was cut off at $500."

" John, I have my own money too. I can spend my own."

"I thought we have a budget though. I can't be the only one following it."

"If we can afford it, what's the problem?!"

"Fine, Nikki. Just don't ask me for my money, since you have your own money plan. You won't be spending my hard work coin!"

She started to pout. He sat down at the window and watch people walk by. Nikki sat across from him.

"Okay, I'm sorry." She admitted as she rubbed his hands.

"Why are you sorry, Nikki?"

She opened her lid and took a sip of her skinny mocha. She opened her purse and took out his credit card.

"I won't spend what you don't want me to spend. I'm sorry that I didn't listen to you and bypassed your request. "

John stared out the window as he focus on Denise walking with a man. He was 6'2 and a muscular built. He had a tribal tattooed sleeve on his left arm. He had enough hair to put in a ponytail. She was wearing dark denim, a white tank top with a black blazer. The black pumps matched her brown gradient Prada glasses. 

John looked back at Nikki but couldn't make out what she was saying. He looked out the window to see Denise laughing with him. Her happiness gave him a flash back to happier moments.

Nikki turned to see what John was staring at. She only saw a bunch of people.

"Baby, don't be mad at me. Take your card back."

"You need to return something."

"Return something? No... let's just take the lost."

John snatched the card out of her hand and stormed out. Nikki ran behind him and grabbed his arm.

"You need to calm the hell down, Johnathan." Nikki said.

"You're not listening to me at all. You haven't listened to me all the fucking day.  It's so irritating." He said as he stormed to the exit. She took a deep breath and followed him.

The End

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