Coffee ConversationMature

Denise looked up as John left the store.  

Denise said in order, " I have a Venti Smores Frappucino for Lydell and a trenta cold brew sweetened with cream for a Riley."

She started to steam Eve's drink, "girl, why didn't you tell me John was here?"

Eve responded, "well I didn't know he was with Dan. Like they had lunch but usually they separate afterwards."

Denise poured the steamed milk and stirred the contents, "he looked sad. Isn't he still with Nikki?"

Eve continued,  "yeah he is still with her. We gotta get you guys back together."

"Woah, no we don't.  I try not to repeat mistakes."

"John isn't a mistake."

"Um, I beg to differ."

"Really Denise. No feeling arised just now when you saw him."

"Not the point, Eve! He made his decision and I kinda like the guy I'm dating right now. He treats me so well."

"Roman? You decided to take him up on his offer?"

"Yes, my Samoa Adonis.  He is a good guy and I like him. So no more talk about John. He chose Nikki over me. It wasn't my choice and it's still not my choice, so drop it."


"I have a mini caramel ribbon crunch Frappucino for Eve." She passed out the 10oz drink and finished, "I'm over this,  so chill."

The End

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