John watched her gracefully walk over to Eve. She hugged her and looked at John. He felt a thin layer of fear cover his body as he was not prepared to see her.

My Love is Your Love by Whitney Houston played in the café. 

She turned and hugged Dan, "I haven't seen you guys all month. You know the Greek Picnic is this month!"

They chuckled and she turned to John, "and hello, my name is Denise and who are you?"

John took a deep breath,  " My name is John, and I'm Dan's brother."

Denise smiled, "and this is the store manager Rachel,  and our district manager Beth Phoen.  Can I get you guys a drink?"

Eve followed them as Dan turned to John, "you okay?"

John mumbled, "I really fucked up, didn't I. She just erased me completely."

Dan replied,  "you did what you thought was best, right?"

John mumbled,  "I don't get it. Ideally Nikki is everything I yearn for. Our family loves her. Everyone loves her with me. Why did I throw my relationship with Denise away?"

Dan continued,  "big brother,  you gotta live life for you and not anyone else. You still have time. But you need to figure this out, before you start working towards it."

John scratched his chest and said, "is she happy?"

Dan shook his head, "she is happy and she is dating." He put his hand on his shoulder.

John watched Denise start making Eve a drink, "she looks happy."

Dan continued, "John, you're happy too."

John mumbled,  "yeah, I'm happy too..." as he walked out of the café.  

The End

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