Two Peas in a PodMature

Dan and John just finished their lunch meeting and decided to walk in the King of Prussa Mall.

John continued, " I am so h

appy that everything is falling into place with you and Eve."

Dan smiled, "she makes me a better person. Like legit. We are two peas in pod."

John smirked as his brother remained passionate about his relationship,  "I remember you telling me how you felt when you dated one of your exes. How everyday was special and because you guys had a mutual understanding,  everything just clicked. That's how it is with Eve. I will marry her one day."

John smiled, "which ex relationship taught you that."

Dan replied,  "it's not important."

John chuckled,  "Denise?"

Dan agreed and John finished,  "I did feel like that with her." He cringed, "Until I met Nikki. How is Denise?"

Dan smiled, "Denise is doing well. She has started her training to be a District Manager of Starbucks. "

John smiled, "she has always been determined to get her own. I miss that. Is she dating?

Dan smirked as he looked down at his phone. He replied to a text from Eve.  He completely ignored John. John became mildly frustrated. Eve texted Dan that Denise is actually in the east Starbucks at KOP mall. She was there in training,  and Eve decided to surprise her. 

Dan got excited and swiftly started to walk towards the East Starbucks.  John tried to get his frustrations together as he realized Dan wasn't listening to him anymore. 

They opened the door and Dan walked up to Eve. He kissed her lips.

Eve released the kiss and turned to John, "you brought John here?!"

Dan said, "sorry baby, I wanted to be apart of the surprise too."

John said, "well hi to you too Eve. "

Eve smiled, "sorry John. Hey, how are you?"

John turned to see Denise walking out of the backroom with two other employees. She walked out to the café and greeted some customers. A light layer of fear covered his face as he stood there watching her. He took a deep breath.

The End

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